Croesus Studio
The Croesus Studio is fully registered in 112 ROBINSON ROAD #03-01 ROBINSON 112 SINGPORE。
Why Croesus? The world's first coins were produced in Lydia 2500 years ago. Lydia was renowned for its wealth and its last king, Croesus, was immortalized in the saying "as rich as Croesus". So we believe it is a very cool name. The COSS is the symbol of Croesus Studio.
Meet the core members with multiple years of experience working in blockchain industry.

Jimmy (Co-Founder)

Jimmy is responsible for the product and tokenomics at Undoomed. He has worked in a blockchain fund as the Chief Research Officer with more than 3 years experience working. Previously, he worked in a game studio.

Bernie (Co-Founder)

Bernie is a responsible for blockchain engineering at Undoomed. He has been working in blockchain space since 2016 for various duties such as smart contract implementation. Previously, he worked for Autodesk and Microsoft as a full stack engineer.

Ying (Co-Founder)

Also founder of Tojoy game, a senior entrepreneur in game industry, is responsible for game design at Undoomed.

Humberto (Marketing Lead)

Humberto is the Marketing Lead at Undoomed. He has more than 8 years of experience in advertising and marketing across several global agencies in Asia countries.

Anneth (Community Lead)

Ann is responsible for managing the comunities at Undoomed. She is very approachable and passionate about helping our community members.

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